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    As you may have noticed, this post is about , the item that I rage more about than the EUW server lags.

    In every game you see it, and it's like everyone thinks "Hey, I'm melee, why not build Hydra?".

    In fact, I am not a direct adversary of Hydra. His younger brother, , is a decent buy on jungling and farming champions, and really OP as burst caster.

    For example, I like to buy Tiamat as my second item on talon, right after . But, and that is the difference, I dont rush Hydra itself. The reason you get Tiamat on Talon is that you have a 5th spell with another 100% AD ratio, and that is really broken as a burst assassin.

    But why, for f***s sake, do I see so many Talons rushing Hydra? I mean, the active effect is the same, and you just wasted 1400…

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    Hello Community,

    it's me again after a long break.

    Some may remember, I made a similar post on Lucian's release. So we are expecting another Marksman after Quinn and Lucian. The question is: Which support fits her? Let's see...

    First of all, she has CC, which Lucian lacks, but it is quite hard to land, so a CC support like Taric should not be that bad with her.

    She can poke and farm pretty well, so she does not look like she needed a Nidalee to heal her after every CS or to poke hard while Jinx farms.

    Escape abilities are also important. While Lucian and Quinn have their dashes, Jinx has not, to balance her OP-ness in damage. Someone like Thresh could help her with his lantern.

    Maybe Lux? Snare and slow (and CTRL-4 spam) for Jinx' CC? A shield?


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    Hi Community, Summoners,

    first of all, sorry to Emptylord for copying your title :P

    My blog is about a similar topic:

    What if you could choose spells during the game?

    That means, you click somewhere and have an option to replace a summoner spell with another, placing the new spell on its full cooldown.

    This could be tweaked, like:

    • Internal cooldown between allowing spell changes
    • You can only choose from x spells which you defined berfore the game started
    • Longer CD once after spell change
    • You need to buy the change in the shop
    • You get a defuff after changing spells
    • Force picking two different spells from the ones selected

    What do you think?

    (This system clearly still has to be tweaked, balanced, etc. That means please be so kind and do not instantly flame m…

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    Hello Commnity,

    this is Part II of my "Broken x is broken" series. Enjoy!

    This time about All Random All Mid Mode.

    Ever noticed how this mode fucks with champion balance? And you can't even pick good champions!

    Let's get into it:

    1) AoE is harder to avoid because of the small map. Great for Karthus and similar.

    2) Poke OP. As none of the teams really want to initiate, they poke. Poke champions have minimal risk and maximal reward.

    3) Healing is reduced by 20%, further increasing pokes. To compensate, we have heal kits. WOW. Ever noticed 5 people have to share two of these? I mean, the respawn time is short, but so is the heal.

    4) Champion potential. Some examples: Vayne needs a wall to condemn someone into. She has to take a bad position to actual…

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    Hey Community,

    I just had to do this. My inner voice convinced me.

    What I'm talking about is champion design. Every champion is different and has a design generally fitting their background and abilities.

    But let us talk about Zac. When I saw the first picture of him - that one that also was on the loading screen on release - I thougt he would be special, a new type of champion, something like BOB from Monsters vs Aliens.

    He would be a blob and maybe move like a snail.

    But then he came out. He had arms and legs like a human, nothing to see of "secret weapon". I was very disappointed.

    Now look at other champs. I only see a few who differ form that "human form". And with that I do not mean "real" humans. Look at Cho'Gath: He has 2 legs, some arms,…

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