Hello Commnity,

this is Part II of my "Broken x is broken" series. Enjoy!

This time about All Random All Mid Mode.

Ever noticed how this mode fucks with champion balance? And you can't even pick good champions!

Let's get into it:

1) AoE is harder to avoid because of the small map. Great for Karthus and similar.

2) Poke OP. As none of the teams really want to initiate, they poke. Poke champions have minimal risk and maximal reward.

3) Healing is reduced by 20%, further increasing pokes. To compensate, we have heal kits. WOW. Ever noticed 5 people have to share two of these? I mean, the respawn time is short, but so is the heal.

4) Champion potential. Some examples: Vayne needs a wall to condemn someone into. She has to take a bad position to actually smash someone into the side walls, except an enemy is badly out of position. Also, I don't think Warwick is doing good. He is great duelist with good sustain from Passive, Q, Ult. But where do you ever find duels in ARAM?

5) Defend base. Usually the defender should have the advantage. "Fuck that", thinks ARAM, because the fountain is not doing anything, no homeguard boots and the enemy has 4 health kits. Early Win = Late Win. GG.

These are my impressions of ARAM.

Feel free to comment.