Hello Community,

this is Part I of my "Broken x is broken" series.

So we are talking about Xin Zhao. And do not tell me i am the only one thinking he is broken. I checked his comment section and I honestly do not believe these were troll comments.
Supp0rt4n00bz XINOP

TL;DR: TOO STRONK (note the negative difficulty)

So we have a champion, who is 1) ridiculously easy to play, 2) has extreme high damage output and 3) pretty good defenses.

Let me explain:

1) Xin does not have a single skillshot, and only one of his skills even require a target. The skill synergy in his kit is really high, which is nice, but I think that needs to be balanced.

I mean, you have a targeted AoE-CC-gapcloser-skill with high mana costs and CD. BUT he has his Three Strikes to reduce this CD and the mana cost on this and Battle Cry are quite low, so that does not greatly balance him.

You can play him like QWER, with Battle Cry and slow helping him proc his Q, and some %hp damage without knockback from ult.

2) While 60% ratio does not seem that high, his Q still deals great damage, especially early game. Combine that with AS steroid and 15% armor reduction for good damage, which strangely does not fall off lategame, even if he goes full tank. Also 15% of current health is sick when at full HP.

3) Heal from W and free Armor and MR, also hard CC in his Q make it nearly impossible to kill him in 1v1, and even 2v1 is still not easy.


Xin is very powerful and does not require much skill to play imho.

Tell me your opinion below! Also tell me how you would nerf him if you could (Morello-Mode).

Have a nice day!


PS: Again, please do not flame me if you think Xin is balanced. Discuss in comments instead. Thanks!