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Champions and their "defining" skills

Hello Summoners,

it's me again and not with some uncool "NERF BITCHES" stuff.

Today I wanted to take a look at Champions and their "key skills", "defining skills". What does that mean? Here is an example:

I tell you, a LoL player, something about Singed, maybe that you should build a Bloodthirster on him, or just how he owned me in my last normal game.

So what do you think when you hear "Singed". I would immediately think "Poision Trail". Next thing would be "OP Fling".

So I think, Champions have "key skills", and they define them. If the "key skill" would be removed, it would not be the original champion in any way.

Please tell me your opinion and some other good examples in the comments. :D

And now some other skills coming to my mind:

Anivia - Frostwall, Lux - Final Spark, Rammus - Taunt, Katarina - Shunpo, Riven - Blade of the Exile, Nocturne - Paranoia, etc...

EDIT: I now finally remembered the "official" word for this: "signature skills" :)

EDIT II: Thepickleavenger made a great list, don't forget to look it up in the comments below!

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