Hello Summoners,

this is my first blog post so I hope I won't mess up everything.

What i wanted to talk is already said in the title: Nerf or not, some champs really need to be balanced! (NO QQ) Let me give some examples:

1. I recently played against a Hecarim and he was like unkillable with tons of health AND damage.

2. Teemo. Seriously.

3. Jungle Xin. Hide in brush. Wait for target to push. QWER => kill. Hate this.

4. Fizz. Use Q to dash to opponent. Proc W. Get away unharmed with E. Your jungler ganks? Use QWR and get an easy kill.

AND NOW (Opposite of title): Riot, please buff turrets. Early game, turrets are like undestructable-fortresses-of-doom-omg-so-much-damage, but later on they turn into marshmallow cannons. Is that supposed to be? I don't know but I think not. So many guys diving and turrets are sometimes a lesser threat than minions. So why not just kill all outer and inner turrets at 40 mins?

Tell me your opinion in the comments below. What champs are OP? Which are not? And, do turrets shoot grilled or raw mallows?

Please don't flame. I'm pretty new to the game and the wiki. Please respect that.

EDIT: Thanks for so many replies. I really liked the tips. :D