Hey Community,

I just had to do this. My inner voice convinced me.

What I'm talking about is champion design. Every champion is different and has a design generally fitting their background and abilities.

But let us talk about Zac. When I saw the first picture of him - that one that also was on the loading screen on release - I thougt he would be special, a new type of champion, something like BOB from Monsters vs Aliens.

He would be a blob and maybe move like a snail.

But then he came out. He had arms and legs like a human, nothing to see of "secret weapon". I was very disappointed.

Now look at other champs. I only see a few who differ form that "human form". And with that I do not mean "real" humans. Look at Cho'Gath: He has 2 legs, some arms, 2 eyes over a big mouth. Even Kog follows that rule.

I just think it is boring to see the same design all time. I like to see a real blob, a real void creature. What do you think?

Nice day all, S4n00bz

EDIT: Just noticed that 80% of all champions are actually all humanoid. Just ignore them please :P

EDIT 2: Maybe also look at Fizz. His design is also too close to full-humanoid imho.