Hello Community,

it's me again after a long break.

Some may remember, I made a similar post on Lucian's release. So we are expecting another Marksman after Quinn and Lucian. The question is: Which support fits her? Let's see...

First of all, she has CC, which Lucian lacks, but it is quite hard to land, so a CC support like Taric should not be that bad with her.

She can poke and farm pretty well, so she does not look like she needed a Nidalee to heal her after every CS or to poke hard while Jinx farms.

Escape abilities are also important. While Lucian and Quinn have their dashes, Jinx has not, to balance her OP-ness in damage. Someone like Thresh could help her with his lantern.

Maybe Lux? Snare and slow (and CTRL-4 spam) for Jinx' CC? A shield?

Lulu and Janna could also help her abilities do more damage by shielding/hasting her.

As you see, there are plenty of combinations. But now it's your turn! Did I forget someone? Or is a Jarvan-Jinx kill lane maybe better? Other suggestions? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for your time you took to read this.

Greetings, S4n00bz