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Support for our Purifier?

Hey Summoners,

it's me again with some stuff. We all know about our next Champion and that he probably ends up as ADC. My question is:

Which support Champion will be the best for Lucian? (Seriously, this looks easy, but think about it...)

I tried analyzing his kit:

He has a double on-hit proc, a ranged poke, self-haste and a linear dash. Now we just need to fill the gaps in his kit.

His support does not necessarily need:

  • poke
  • haste

His support needs:

  • any sort of cc
  • heal for farm lane OR some killing power for aggressive play

I don't think Lucian is that much of a lategame carry, it seems to be early- to midgame is his strength.

So, dear Summoners, I honestly did not find any good support for him. Please help me and tell me your opinion in the comments! (Also tell me if my list is incomplete please :D)

Sincerely, S4n00bz.

PS: Tell me if you think my style of writing sucks. I am trying to improve.