Hey Summoners,

I recently read some blogs about Teemo. I wanted to use this oppurtunity for some nerf ideas.

Please don't flame me like "Teemo is balanced" in chat. Thats not point of the blog.

Well, actually, it is, but in another way.

So now, let's say shrooms and toxic shot DEFINE Teemo, so we can't remove them, but only change the stats. My suggestions would be:

1. Reduce shroom stay time to 5 minutes. That will reduce map control and spammablity. (And MAYBE reduce stackability for the same reason, but reduce CD a bit.)

2. Set max shroom number to 5/7/10, similar to Cait's traps. That will make Teemo think more about placement.

3. Set Toxic Shot's damage scale to 15% bonus AD. Sounds dumb, but Teemo has to decide between huge AA-DoT or huge shroom-DoT. CHANGED: Keep it like before as his only damage source (as AP Teemo).

4. Reduce Toxic Shot's DoT base values to 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 for less early lane dominance.

5. ADD Grievous wounds to his Blinding Dart. That gives him a supportive use :D

6. Disable Move Quick's passive while on CD. That would make Teemo think when to use it best, like Janna and her Zephyr.

7. Change innate stealth delay to 3 (level 1) /2.5 (level 7) /2 (level 14). Again, don't hide in bushes to avoid ganks. It's just op.

That is pretty much, but these are only small changes, it just forces the Teemo player to use skill instead of usual strategy:

Spam shrooms. Shoot guys. Run away. Hide in bush.

Thanks for comments!

Have a nice day! <3

PS: Again, please don't flame me. It's just a suggestion.

PPS: Please only comment if u won't flame. Thank you.