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What if summoner spells can be changed in-game?

Hi Community, Summoners,

first of all, sorry to Emptylord for copying your title :P

My blog is about a similar topic:

What if you could choose spells during the game?

That means, you click somewhere and have an option to replace a summoner spell with another, placing the new spell on its full cooldown.

This could be tweaked, like:

  • Internal cooldown between allowing spell changes
  • You can only choose from x spells which you defined berfore the game started
  • Longer CD once after spell change
  • You need to buy the change in the shop
  • You get a defuff after changing spells
  • Force picking two different spells from the ones selected

What do you think?

(This system clearly still has to be tweaked, balanced, etc. That means please be so kind and do not instantly flame me how silly the idea is.)

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