• Suzuran no Yubi

    Rework of Farya the Lunar Blade, because i was bored and i like making things that are probably overpowered and will be stupidly annoying to balance.

    ( also i want to be a bit more evil ) 

    Farya is a melee bruiser / assassin mix, similar to working at her best potential when built full AD, however she relies on being stealthy with her ultimate and various CC's to survive, while her damage may be lower compared to others of that mix,namely she makes up for it many free stats on her ability ( )

     Farya the Lunar Blade is a Champion in Bloodstrider's champion concept list 


    Farya dashes towards the target and strikes the target crippling it for 2 seconds.

    Crescent strike will cripple the movement speed of the target by 30% if cast while moving …

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  • Suzuran no Yubi

    Lifeylia is my 2nd concept of some weird random thingy that came to my head.

    She's an elf that uses a green tinged sword that turns into a mixture of a lance and sword when she uses her ultimate.

    well moving on. this concept might be rather overpowered so kindly point out my mistakes without resorting to crude language.

    Lifeylia The Flower of Blades is a champion in League of Legends.

    |secondname = Entwined Branches

    |secondinfo = (Passive): Lifeylia gains bonus Armor.

    |secondrows = 2

    |secondsinglepic = yes

    |secondinfo2 = (Active): Lifeylia creates a thicket of branches around her knocking up all enemies around her.

    (3 Marked Leaves):If Entwined Branches knock up an enemy with 3 marked leaves lifeylia gains bonus magic resistance equal to the amount of…

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  • Suzuran no Yubi

    This is just an idea got and i decided to get the opinions of others to it.

    This concept is mainly for AD yi and completely removes AP yi.

    ^ well this WAS the idea but it had turned out to be mixing them into a even stronger beast so.... ignore that bit ouch ^_^

    this is just a test one so it might be somewhat overpowered.

    In this re-work. after master yi uses one of his basic abilities he gains a "stance" after a short delay or immediately. Master Yi can only have 2 stances active at a time. a 3rd stance will override the 1st.

    ( this is different from the stances and have )

    Health - 444 (+86)

    Health regen - 6.75 (+0.65)

    Mana - 220 (+46)

    Mana Regen - 6.5 (+0.45)

    Range - 130

    Attack Damage - 58.12 (+3.3)

    Attack Speed - 0.679 (+2.98%)

    Armor - 16.3 (+3.7) …

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  • Suzuran no Yubi

    This is the 1st concept i made so i might have made a few mistakes. if anything if hard to understand i have added a notes section to it.

    Farya is a melee range champion usually taking the role of a solo top attack damage carry and can also be a effective jungler. she excels at chasing enemies and quickly finishing them off and is also a moderately strong duelist.

    Attributes - Assassin,Fighter,Melee,Stealth

    Base stats

    Health - 384 (+85)

    Health Regen - 7.0 (+0.9)

    Mana - 220 (+57)

    Mana Regen - 8 (+0.5)

    Attack Damage - 56 (+3.1)

    Attack Speed - 0.697 (+2.98%)

    Armor - 15.2 ( +3.8)

    Magic resist - 30 (+1.25)

    Move speed - 330

    Autoattack Range - 150

    Moonlight Huntress (Innate)

    • Farya reveals all nearby enemy champions below 25% health.
    • Farya's auto attacks deal 15%…

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