• SyberSinder

    So, ive been seeing a ton of xerath reworks floating around lately, and they all are destroying his extreme poke that comes with his w, locus of power. Personally, i feel that Xerath needs not be changed that much, but needs a buff to his ap scalings, a small bonus to his w and a new passive (cause the old one sorta sucks.....)

    The scalings on his abilities will be increased, from his arcanopulse doing 60% of his ap to 80%, his mage chains from 80% to 90%, and his ult from 60% to 70%. as xerath is focused on killing an enemy before they can even touch you, i feel this should make his poke kuch stonger and allow him to actually get a kill if he missed one of his ults or his arcanopulse. Also, i have one small change to his e, which would be …

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