Alright, so a while ago, i joined this wiki, and I posted a thread on my ranked experiences. Here is that post if you want to read it. That was earlier in season 4, and now the season is almost over. Worlds is done, and the season will be ending in a few short weeks, yet I have not posted anything since. However, since that time, I have progressed to gold II, and it is funny, because that is exactly where i predicted i would be able to reach in the previous post. What i stated in that post still holds true; I still believe that as i progress through the ranks, the community becomes better (generally speaking). Yeah sure there are still ragers, feeders, afkers, etc. etc. and there always will be. But as a whole, I have enjoyed League more and more as i have progressed further and further.

Since coming to college and meeting people with similar interests as myself, (cough cough League) I have become much better at the game itself. My two best friends who I have made here are diamond players themselves, and playing with them and their plat friends on a regular basis, (and subsequently higher elo opponents) my skills have drastically improved, even since my last post. I shot through most of gold, (going on a 13 game winning streak pushing me up two whole divisions in a matter of just under two days. I had a lot of free time that weekend.) and i might even be well on my way to plat before the season is over, which is insane. I never would have thought last season, stuck in bronze, that i would ever be able to be considered a platinum, or even gold level player. Yet now, I am able to impress my friends at times with my plays, and even have some of my lower ranked friends asking me for help, (Although I personally do not think I am good enough to carry anyone out of anything outside maybe bronze XD.)

But, my point here isnt to play myself up, because I know there are plenty of people who are way better than me, but it is a great feeling to be able to watch myself improve at the game as much as i have. I know that I can keep getting better, and thats a great feeling. Maybe someday i will even push my way into diamond. Someday... waaaaaaaaaay far away from today. But the general improvements in player attitude I have seen as I continually progress is a big plus too. It is so much more fun to meet people who enjoy the game for what it is, and work to get better, not to belittle others.

Leave your thoughts below, I love to hear what you guys think!