This is my first time soo please dont judge me too hard

Soo i've been playing league for over 2 years now and i noticed that there is no champ about speed (alright there's hecarim and rammus and yi is kinda fast too, but u get what im saying)

Soo lets kick it off with the stats

HP: 547 (+36)

Mana: -

Armor:18 (+1.5)

Magic Res.: 0 (+0)

Range: 125

At. Speed: 1.250(+0.250)

At. Damage: 57 (+8)

HP Regen: 0.8 (+0.3)

Mana Regen: -

Move Speed: 360



Faster Than You!

After every last hit gain 1 Move speed and 0.25 Attack speed

Instead of mana you use Momentum. 1 Momentum is generated after each unit walked.

Max. Momentum: 100

5 Momentum decays each second after standing still for 4 seconds

Q-Speeding Dash  Cost: 30 Momentum  Cooldown: 7 seconds Range: 600

First cast- You dash to the targetted location and damage everybody around you for 50/80/110/140/170 (+90% of AD) and Stun everybody around you for 0.25 seconds

Aftet a 0.25 Second delay the Ability can be recasted for 4 seconds

Second cast- Return  Cost: 10 Momentum

Return to the position where the first part of the spell was cast

You generate Momentum while dashing to the selected area but not when using return

W- Vibration  Cost: All of current Momentum  Cooldown:22/20/18/16/14

You use up all of your current Momentum and gain 50% of it as Dodge Chance and 100% of it as Movement Speed

Dodging While Vibration is Active Resets The duration of the Spell

E- Bouncy Ball  Cost:5/10/15/20/25 Momentum per Auto Attack  Range: 400/450/500/550/600

Passive: You Gain 5% of your Base Movement speed as AD

Toogle-On: Your Basic Attacks cost Momentum and have Incrased Range

Toogle-Off: Your Basic Attacks No longer have Incrased Range and No longer Cost Momentum

Attacking with Bouncy Ball resets the decrase timer on Momentum

R- To The Maximum  Cost:100 Momentum  Cooldown:160/110/60

You gain 300/350/400(+50% of AD and +100% of Current Movement speed) Movement Speed for 6 seconds

Vibration is activated for the duration of this spell

Dodging with Vibration Resets the duration of To The Maximum

Standing still for 4 Second will make this spell To be Cancelled