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    I don't know how to use the custom champ page, so... Here's this version I guess. It's just explaining his abilities and their effects so I don't really have any numbers with some exceptions. I am aware that someone else has already done the whole elemental thing, but this is my version.

    So, first off, passive.

    Aural Flames. Enemies within a 300 radius of Alex take magic damage per half-second. It scales with 7.5% of his AP, basically Bami's Cinder.

    Next, his Q. Tampering Squall. I'm not good at names, but I try.

    Alex will dash forward in a cyclic whirlwind, knocking aside enemies and dealing magic damage to them. During the dash, Alex cannot be interrupted. The cooldown is 10/9/8/7/6. It's not a heavy hitting ability, only having a 30% AP Rat…

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