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  • TNickxx

    This is a champion that utilizes a secondary resource for his abilites, mechanical parts. Meet Scrap.

    Passive: Stolen Propertype

    Enemis slain by Scrap drop a resource called Mechanical Parts. Scrap can collect Mechanical Parts to empower his laser gun. Additionally, the gun knows of 60 stages of development. Every 10 stages the gun is enhanced drastically, while inbetween every 10 stages the latest modification is upgraded. Number of Mechanical Parts required to reach each stage drop exponentially with every stage, and the last stage requires only mechanical parts collected from kills or assists on enemy champions and epic monsters.

    Every major stage adds something new, mana leech, increased damage, range, etc.

    Q: Lazeray

    • requires 5/4/3 Mechani…

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  • TNickxx

    A support champion concept

    February 23, 2017 by TNickxx

    Ever since the link gun from unreal tournament I liked the idea of powering up your teammates by being near them, while they protect you. And the current mechanics around supports are revolving around being a heal bot, while providing utility (i.e. being a nuissance with crowd controls), that you can mostly get around with strats or bursting the carries, before the support can do something. There is only Soraka whose low-cd heal makes her more threatening than the other support champions, but even she feels bland and tasteless. You get to run around, stay away from danger, yet close enough to stay within healing range. It's like playing that one douche kid that always played tough, just like the rest of his friends, but mostly stood in the…

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  • TNickxx

    A champion idea - concept

    February 20, 2017 by TNickxx

    I played with this concept before. A champion that utilizes different weapons. I am very well aware that giving it a second set of abilities would be boring, since we have enough of such champions. However, most of them are not proper multi-wielders. Jayce has a hammer and shock rifle, but it's basically the same thing on two different modes.

    I propose a bladesman - archer duality.

    Naturally, a melee attacker, wielding a pair of blades, uses his abilities to call on a shadow assistant/alter ego to wield a bow and arrow.

    (Innate): Enemies whose movement speed is impaired are marked for 3 seconds. This champions basic attacks consume the mark, granting bonus attack speed for a short time and a burst of movement speed. The mark can be consumed i…

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  • TNickxx

    Y U NO AD Support

    December 7, 2016 by TNickxx

    It seems intuitive to have AD supports in the game when there are many AP supports. Well, the thin is AP suppports don't have much going for their auto attacks. That is much more of an excuse than a real argument.

    An AA based support is just as much an AD support. Although it is tricky to create a concept that revolves around an AD support, it is not impossible. There are a good number of fighters who can support, especially since Knight's Vow came out. Fighters with massive sustain and mobility, like Xin and Lee Sin, proved viable in my tests. However their kill potential and lack of interaction with their teammates prevents them from becoming viable supports.

    Now, to understand supports you have to understand their itemization. Preferably …

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  • TNickxx

    Let's start off by saying this: I haven't been following the reworks and what the fuck is Corki Mid?

    I would never in a healthy state of mind take Corki Mid. I had so much fun playing him bot (before the rework) and chunking enemy ADC for extra 10% true damage on AA.

    On a second thought, why wouldn't you take Corki Mid? With all these broken ass champions, do marksmen even belong in the bot lane.

    Ok, Tristana, you broken ass designed piece of shit better not leave bot lane till we hit the post-game info.

    But there are many marksmen being played in other positions, Graves (what is a "rework", right Riot?), Vayne (you bitch ass top laners who can't beat her ass should be ashamed of yourself), Quinn (same as vayne). And I understand why would you…

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