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  • TNickxx

    Y U NO AD Support

    December 7, 2016 by TNickxx

    It seems intuitive to have AD supports in the game when there are many AP supports. Well, the thin is AP suppports don't have much going for their auto attacks. That is much more of an excuse than a real argument.

    An AA based support is just as much an AD support. Although it is tricky to create a concept that revolves around an AD support, it is not impossible. There are a good number of fighters who can support, especially since Knight's Vow came out. Fighters with massive sustain and mobility, like Xin and Lee Sin, proved viable in my tests. However their kill potential and lack of interaction with their teammates prevents them from becoming viable supports.

    Now, to understand supports you have to understand their itemization. Preferably …

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  • TNickxx

    Let's start off by saying this: I haven't been following the reworks and what the fuck is Corki Mid?

    I would never in a healthy state of mind take Corki Mid. I had so much fun playing him bot (before the rework) and chunking enemy ADC for extra 10% true damage on AA.

    On a second thought, why wouldn't you take Corki Mid? With all these broken ass champions, do marksmen even belong in the bot lane.

    Ok, Tristana, you broken ass designed piece of shit better not leave bot lane till we hit the post-game info.

    But there are many marksmen being played in other positions, Graves (what is a "rework", right Riot?), Vayne (you bitch ass top laners who can't beat her ass should be ashamed of yourself), Quinn (same as vayne). And I understand why would you…

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  • TNickxx

    State of League

    September 24, 2016 by TNickxx

    Okay, first of, whenever I make a post about League on any site, I have to mention I've been playing League since season 3, and played through all champions, got to know them well, mastered some of them, and have over ~3k games over three separate accounts.

    Recently, I started recording and playing games where I take a marksman champion designated for bot lane and play them in Top lane or Mid lane, with fair success. Naturally, I'm up against mages mostly, and fighters in top lane.

    Currently, the mages are a problem. I'm not talking about the real mages. You know, what real mages were like in season 3 - 4. Brand, Orianna, Morgana, Lux ... I'm talking the CC-packed, ability spamming, point-and-click or hit-them-all mages. Lissandra, Anivia and C…

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  • TNickxx

    It's been a year or two since I last posted a custom champion, but here is a one that I came up while daydreaming.

    Woody is a reincarnation of of an ancient protector of the nature. The nature itself sent him to be born to cure the plague that has been poisoning the world (related to the whole Void-hype). In short, he came to the League to meet up with his think-alikes and possible allies. He is also a gifted enchanter and magician and a lumberjack, since he is a son of one, but doesn't use neither of his skills to manipulate the environment around him for destruction. He is considerate and good-natured but not a fool, and doesn't particularly like Zyra since, to him, she is just a manipulative spore willing to devour more then she can dige…

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  • TNickxx

    Perun, the Elemental Warrior

    December 30, 2012 by TNickxx

    Perun is a melee fighter. He is wielding 2 a-bit-oversized swords. He is element themed, meaning his spells are about ice, fire, wind, earth. Depending on his role he can slightly adjust his abilites to fit mih more.

    Elemental Insight (Innate): Upon leveling up, Perun gains an Elemental Star. He can assign Elemental Stars to his abilities, granting them additional effects. Abilities have 2 enhancements. Stronger enhancements cost more stars. Maximum number of obtainable stars is 10 (two are given at the start and one is gained every 2 levels afterwards). Also, for every unspent star he deals 2.5% increased damage.

    Frozen Spire (Q):
    Peruns next attack summons a spire shooting from the ground to deal magic damage to his target and all enemies n…

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