An idea for an assassin that can switch between malee and ranged. Not an allaround champion like Jayce but a real assassin, squishy and deadly in both forms equally. If played right, ofcourse. She wields a gunblade :D. Her melee attacks are slashing attacks with critical strike being a stab with a shot :D. Her ranged attacks are similar to Caitlyns and her critical strikes is a shot performed with a slash.

Passive: Kiarras basic attackes deal additional magic damage to disabled enemies. Attacking slowed enemies also grants her bonus movement speed for 2.5 seconds.

Q: Places a bomb at a target location that lasts for 20 seconds. Kiarra can reactivate this ability in the first 3 seconds to trigger the bomb to damage enemies near the bomb and pull them in.

Cripling Darts (W): Performs a slash that damages all enemies in a short cone in front of her. Additionaly, fire darts that have longer range and slow enemies but deal less damage.

Nether Storm (E): Removes all disables from Kiarra. In ranged form also grants her bonus attack speed. In melee from summons a storm that deals damage to surrounding enemies for 2.5 seconds.

Vile Blast (R):

While ranged: Performs a long range blast that deals magic damage to single enemy unit it hits. Vile Blast marks enemy hit for 3 seconds and Kiarra can reactivate this spell to dash to her target and switch to melee.

While melee: Enhances her next autoattack to deal additional damage and cause her target to bleed while switching to ranged.