Joanna is a short range fighter. She summons pets to aid her in combat. She can have one pet summoned at the same time but it will stay active untill recalled. Pets can be recalled by recasting the spell or summoning another pet. They have a 10 second cooldown after recalled. Killing it will generate 5 gold to the slayer and count as a recall. Joanas pets will attack her targets and her attackers.

Wild Spirit (Innate): Joanna summons pets to aid her in battle. Pets deal half of her attack damage and gain half of her armor and magic resist. They also have 0,700 Attacks per second and 0,900 attacks per second in Frenzy.

Additionaly, when ever she summons a pet she gains movement speed and attack speed for a short duration.

Hellhound (Q): Joanna summons a helish beast that charges at a target enemy dealing more damage the further the target is from Joanna. This pet ignores unit collision.

Astral Pheonix (W): Joanna summons a magical bird that flies to a location revealing surrounding terrain along the path. This pet attacks with ranged attacks and applies on-hit effect. It can be moved with Alt + Right Click.

Terraghoul (E): Joanna summons an earthen golem that emerges at a target location dealing magic damage to surrounding enemies. Summoning this pet will give Joanna a damage absorbing shield that will also activate on Terraghouls recall.

Frenzy (R):

Passive: This spells cooldown is refreshed by 1 second whenever a pet is recalled.

Active: Joannas instantly refreshes her basic abilites and for 12 seconds she can have all three pets summoned at the same time. Pets summoned while Frenzy is active will have their attack speed increased to 0,900 and each additional pet attacking the same target will deal 30% reduced damage.