Hi. Just checked the unofficial Varus patch notes. And these changes will change a lot of things for Ryze; probably new item build and maybe a different rune page. I think most players will now build glasscanon Ryze with RoAs, Sorcs and an Archs Staff and he will probably miss the tankiness he had before. I'm afraid Ryze won't be able to solo Tryndy anymore (I know I can :D) and finsih him with Q because of the long range. So... I wanted to discuss some items that might be usefull for Ryze.


An early Sheen would be a great poking item. In the first 20 minutes is see Ryze having ToG, Sorc boots, Sheen and Catalyst the Protector.

Lich Bane

Lich Bane grants mana, mag res, AP and movement speed. And ofc a nice passive effect that might help Ryze poke more effectively (since players will build a bit AP). I find this a good replacement for Banshees because it is more offensive and still makes Ryze durable in mid lane because it gives magic resist. The movement speed boost will help Ryze escape/catch up with enemies (since his Q range got nerfed) while his R is on CD. Not that Ryze ever had problems with CD :D

Will of the Ancients

Not that this wasn't built before but we might see this more often as a late game item. I think it's obvious why; cost is increased now.

Rune page.

An ideal rune page for Ryze would be mana/lvl, armor, magres, movspd. After they change Ryze, he won't be needing these anymore and people can use their default rune pages. I think we'll see Ryze more often. I run MagPen (R), flat AP (Q), AP/lvl (B) and mana regen/lvl (Y) on Ryze. This setup will be more useful but those who have a page just for Ryze might feel a bit, well angry (can't find the right word).

In the end I would say the changes will make Ryze more flexible. You can either build a glasscanon Ryze or the good ol' tanky Ryze. Or a mix of those two. We might miss some stuff but we might discover new builds.