It's been a year or two since I last posted a custom champion, but here is a one that I came up while daydreaming.

Woody is a reincarnation of of an ancient protector of the nature. The nature itself sent him to be born to cure the plague that has been poisoning the world (related to the whole Void-hype). In short, he came to the League to meet up with his think-alikes and possible allies. He is also a gifted enchanter and magician and a lumberjack, since he is a son of one, but doesn't use neither of his skills to manipulate the environment around him for destruction. He is considerate and good-natured but not a fool, and doesn't particularly like Zyra since, to him, she is just a manipulative spore willing to devour more then she can digest.

His passive ability is a simple one. Spells cast from the brush will be more potent, whether in damage or effect. The effect lasts up to 2.5 seconds after leaving brush.

Q: Channels the power of nature to propel a disk of energy in a line. The disk damages the first enemy it hits. If the enemy is a champion, it will also briefly interrupt its movement and actions. Also if this ability hits a champion, Woody will prepare another disk to be cast without cost that has shorter range but deals more damage than the first one.

If this ability is cast from the bush the first disk passes through units, dealing reduced damage to minions and monsters and stopping upon hitting an enemy champion, dealing full damage.

W: Reaches out to surrounding enemies through the ground, crippling enemies in the area for a short time, reducing their damage output.

Casting this ability from the brush will make it's effect act like an aura instead. The duration of the effect will be prolonged but it will diminish over time.

E: Stump Rush

Woody charges at an enemy knocking them back. Woody will always dash a fixed distance and the enemy will be always knocked to a fixed point. Like Alistar's headbutt only in this case Woody doesn't stop on collision.

R: Descension/Sacrifice

After a 2 second channel, teleports to a visible champion.

If the champion is an enemy, Woody will gain movement speed when damaging that champion with an ability and his first damaging ability cast against that enemy will deal additional 30% magic damage.

If the champion is a friendly one, in the next few seconds Woody will absorb a percentage of damage that champion suffers. At the end of the effect, all enemies that have harmed Woody, whether directly or indirectly, will be dealt the amount of damage absorbed as magic damage, split among the attackers.

If this spell is cast from the brush, the channel duration is halved.