This is a champion that utilizes a secondary resource for his abilites, mechanical parts. Meet Scrap.

Passive: Stolen Propertype

Enemis slain by Scrap drop a resource called Mechanical Parts. Scrap can collect Mechanical Parts to empower his laser gun. Additionally, the gun knows of 60 stages of development. Every 10 stages the gun is enhanced drastically, while inbetween every 10 stages the latest modification is upgraded. Number of Mechanical Parts required to reach each stage drop exponentially with every stage, and the last stage requires only mechanical parts collected from kills or assists on enemy champions and epic monsters.

Every major stage adds something new, mana leech, increased damage, range, etc.

Q: Lazeray

  • requires 5/4/3 Mechanical Parts to be collected since this ability was learned or the last time it was cast*

Active: Fires a deadly laser in a direction. The ray deals damage and crits enemies below 15% their health. Lazeray draws in mechanical parts from units it kills.

Lazeray deals a lot of damage but is hard to charge.

W: Self-destruct

Attaches an explosive device to a minion or monster. The unit will charge at enemies and explode, dealing damage to itself and nearby units based on it's maximum health, spawning extra 20/30/40/50/60% Mechanical Parts from enemies killed.

E: Planning Ahead

Mounts a safety device to nearby terrain. While inside the effect range of the device, Scrap gains increased movement speed and damage reduction. Reactivating this ability will activate the safety cord in the device and pull Scrap to the device. Lasts 5 seconds, or untill Scrap walks outside of the range of the device. If Scrap remains inside the range of the device untill the end of the duration, the device will yield Mechanical Parts.

R: Scrap Armor

After channeling for 1 second, Scrap introduces to the world his hextech armor, and ofcourse, puts it on. The armor grants Scrap size and tenacity, powers up his gun to fire wide lasers instead that damage all enemies hit, and grants a burst of movement speed on kills and assists on towers, enemy champions and epic monsters.

The suit expires over 12 seconds. Taking damage will result in the suit expiring faster, but picking up Mechanical Parts will prolong the duration for up to 6 seconds.