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  • TTrolljaeger

    This game was lost from the start.

    The argument broke at the champions selection screen, two players wanted the same champion they play as main, and in the chaos you had to reluctantly select a tank at the very last moment, and you entered the arena with bad masteries.

    The argument went on, with the players placement, two or more players or nobody wanted to go middle, or weren't able to agree on who should go on which lane. In the aftermath, three gangs emerged in your team : the childish, the pissed-off, and you. Since your team members don't seem to want to cooperate, whatever you say to cool down the minds, you have no strategy whatsoever, and no map vision either. On the contrary, the other team seems to be everywhere, ganking on your so…

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  • TTrolljaeger

    I don't know much about the american server, but on the european one, you must have noticed that the league of legends is full of people whom english is not the mothertongue. This seems logical enough, since english is after all the mothertongue of a very small minority in the EU, far behind german and french. Despite this, I'm amazed by the multitudes that, like myself, try to play in a language they are barely familiar with.

    OK, there are some that don't bother ; we all saw this, suddenly two or more players recognize themselves and a talk in an alien language erupts into the chat. I don't blame these, trying to cope with a foreign language is very frustrating, and when you get the chance to express yourself truly in your mothertongue the…

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  • TTrolljaeger

    You know this moment, the champion selection screen. Some people rush to take their favourite characters before others do it, especially if it belongs to the week's selection. Garen, Fiddlesticks, among others, are favourite, and quickly taken. After a few seconds, one gets a general feeling of what the team will look like.
    I may be wrong, but I believe that a team should have some ranged, some melee, a tank, and a support. Supports are not very popular choices, so hopefully someone will then pick a tank (sometimes with resent), and I can freely pick my favourite character. If not, I pick a tank, like Alistar.

    Often, very quickly, a message pops in the chat like "Not Soraka pls", or "OMG not this noob char", and so on. If it's only one playe…

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