This game was lost from the start.

The argument broke at the champions selection screen, two players wanted the same champion they play as main, and in the chaos you had to reluctantly select a tank at the very last moment, and you entered the arena with bad masteries.

The argument went on, with the players placement, two or more players or nobody wanted to go middle, or weren't able to agree on who should go on which lane. In the aftermath, three gangs emerged in your team : the childish, the pissed-off, and you. Since your team members don't seem to want to cooperate, whatever you say to cool down the minds, you have no strategy whatsoever, and no map vision either. On the contrary, the other team seems to be everywhere, ganking on your so-called partners one after another.

At this point, many players used to simply leave, but not you. You hate leavers, or fear the new anti-leaver system, but whatever the reason, you are stuck in this terrible game until the 25th minute, when you seriously intend to surrender.

Yes. This is an apology for surrendering.

Think about it. Sometimes it's not only an option, but the only polite thing to do. In many games, it's considered rude to keep on playing even when you know you've already lost. Most games usually end with one player giving up, go, chess, poker...

It should be the same in LoL, as the game mechanism permits it. So why are people upset with the other team surrendering ? Besides it means a win, it saves time for everyone. Still, some people lament about their game being spoiled. Of course, when you're on the winning side, you have a better time, but playing is much like many other human activities : one get frustrated by having what one desires, since the better part of it is getting there. Eventually, one will win, and this means the end of the fun.

But please keep in mind that team members on the losing side experience a bit less of fun. There is little fun in being stamped by overfed champions. Even players on the winning side should know when the game is over and not make it last too much. Allow for a surrender, if the opposite team doesn't want to, then go to their nexus and allow them a desperate but honourable fight.
Of course, calling for a surrender when the ennemy is already attacking your nexus is nothing but mean - a good fight should end in glory. But when you call for an early surrender in a bad game, to save time and allow another (hopefully better) game to everyone, you're doing it right.

If the winners then become the whinners... Well, sometimes, it serves them well. There are more important things in life than a good kill/death ratio.

TTrolljaeger 17:17, December 22, 2010 (UTC)