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  • Taarah

    I`m a sick person, when it comes to the undead, so... Melissa, the Undead Queen.

    English is NOT my native language, so, please, feel free to show me my mistakes ^^


    In her pre-death life Melissa was happy. Really happy. She had everything she wanted, and she was wise enough with her desires, never allowing them to overcome the real needs. She ruled her little kingdom with sheer pleasure and tried to make everything better, even if she had to say "bye" to her riches. But of course, that way of ruling, that spending of the treasury was quite displeasing to her courtiers, which wanted gold and power to be on the same level with big city-states as Noxus or Zaun. Many of them wanted respect and power, and in the night, the most unlucky night …

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  • Taarah

    The stuff is - i want to delete my EUW account. How can i do it?

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