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    Nashor VS Lich Bane

    March 5, 2014 by Tails365

    AP assassins nowadays buy Lich Bane for its sheer burst power. 50 base is stupid, but 75% AP is awesome when added to a burst. Combine that with the already high burst and you have a 99% chance of killing your target.

    Lich Bane has become so strong, that it's already getting nerfed (although reasons are that its also not a burst dmg item, but a sustained dmg item, like Tri and IBG). It's also getting picked on many other champions like Kayle and Teemo. Even champions that cant use it a lot, AP with high CD, use it. But is it worth it on them? When there is another very good item that is Nashor's Tooth? Let's find out.

    FIrst of all, you need to know the champions base CD of the skills, the way you use them, and the skill you spam the most. Th…

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    A true tank's role

    January 22, 2014 by Tails365

    I am actually surprised I haven't seen anyone talk about this, so I'll jump at it. 

    What I am talking about here is where a true tank should be. What is a true tank? Well, basically it's a tank that builds no offense whatsoever, has amazing disruptions and tankiness in their kit, and whose only job is to take hits.

    Now let's think back to the last true tank riot made. In all honesty, Zac should be the one getting this award. His kit makes him build only tank and still dish out moderate dmg while ccing the enemy. And zac had 1 thing: his W. The kind of thing that makes Amumu what he is: percentage dmg. This type of dmg makes Zac not need to build dmg at all (at most, abissal or liandry's) while still dishing the dmgs and tank the whole team.


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    So all of you LoL players have noticed there is another map besides SR with a classic game aproach. The Twisted Treeline. Supporting only 3 players per team, and with a new set of items, the TT makes it's own meta. The problem is: its very broken. Lets go by topics.

    1 - Champions

    Since only 3 players are allowed in a team, it's rare for supports to be picked, though there are a few exceptions (Leona and Thresh), and since it's a small map, dashes are very appreciated. Even ranged ADC have trouble since the team normally has 2 beefy chars with good dmg. But what about champs like Jax and Trynda? Well, you are dead if they get a bit ahead. Why? Because with just 3 champs you have few options. And squishies like Kog, Orianna and Anivia? You bet…

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    Spyla - Noxus Silent Cloud

    December 9, 2013 by Tails365

    Spyla, Noxus' Silent Cloud is a champion in League of Legends.

    Spyla throws a bottle of perfume that releases a toxic Tear Gas. Those hit by it are damaged and blinded for seconds. Aditionally, the gas stays in the area for 3, dealing continuous damage every 0.75 seconds and recuding enemies' vision in the area. The vision slowly returns 1 second after leaving the area or after it ends.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |radius = |costtype = |range = 650 |description2 = Skyla's basic attack against an enemy champion will deal and fear them for second. }}

    Skyla throws a capsule of hormones at an enemy champion, making him fall in love, reducing his defenses towards Skyla(Skyla gains Armor Pen and Magic pen vs that target only).

    |leveling = …

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    Legacy skins and pricing

    December 6, 2013 by Tails365

    For those playing for a while and remembering the skin price formula Riot revealed earlier this year, in addition to many better quality skins, I bet you all asked yourselves this: why is the legacy skin so damn expensive?

    I am not talking about the 520 skins. I am talking about the legendary skin, among other 975 skins that nowadays are worth 750 or 975 (at most). Some people stipulate its because of the fairness of the legacy skins: if i bought it at that price a few years back, why is it cheap now? But all legacy skins ,iirc, are price protected (Riot stated) so by lowering their price you get RP back for the purchase (the difference in value that you paid). And not all legendary skins are worth the money (Red Baron Corki looks epic, but…

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