I am actually surprised I haven't seen anyone talk about this, so I'll jump at it. 

What I am talking about here is where a true tank should be. What is a true tank? Well, basically it's a tank that builds no offense whatsoever, has amazing disruptions and tankiness in their kit, and whose only job is to take hits.

Now let's think back to the last true tank riot made. In all honesty, Zac should be the one getting this award. His kit makes him build only tank and still dish out moderate dmg while ccing the enemy. And zac had 1 thing: his W. The kind of thing that makes Amumu what he is: percentage dmg. This type of dmg makes Zac not need to build dmg at all (at most, abissal or liandry's) while still dishing the dmgs and tank the whole team.

Right now there is quite a short list of true tanks:

  • Maokai
  • Sejuani
  • Nautilus
  • Zac
  • Alistar
  • Rammus (W does not count for him to be a bruiser. also, terrible AS so no passive as well)
  • Shen
  • Leona
  • Thresh

These 9 champs are LoL's true tanks. They build only defense and their kits arent aimed at dealing dmg. (no malphite cuz he actually deals great amounts of dmg and amumu is insane. Galio scales with MR)

4 of them are supports. 1 is top (2 if you count zac) and 5 are junglers (4 if you take zac). But why has Riot made so little of these champions? Because bruisers, although less tanky and much less CC power, possess dmg. That simple fact is what makes champs like Noc and Lee much better to pick than Maokai or Sej. Just being able to be tank and still be able to 1 vs 1 the adc is ridiculous. Meanwhile the tank can only tank, and if your allies are dead, gg. I think riot should adress this. Tanks all have 1 AoE ability. They should have 1 abiltity that scales with their defenses AND offensively (so nau's shield strength doesnt count). But they should scale with more than bases. Sejuani used to do dmg, and they nerfed it. It's still good, but compared to before, kinda sucks. 

Supports aside, Riot should find a way to adress these problems. There is just a lot more incentive for me to take Vi than Maokai. Or shyvana. And none of these can effectively and not trolling go another lane. (NO AP ALISTAR)

What do you guys think? Should Riot make tanks deal a bit more dmg? Should their CC be increased to allow them to be more defining. Should they become more bulky for free? Or should they become bruisers? Because I dont like to clear my first jungle, only to see a level 6 lee ganking every lane (sarcasm, but lee is very fast)