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Tails365 November 7, 2012 User blog:Tails365

We all love character interactions. Wether they are small easter eggs (like Skarner's), a small debuff (Leona versus Sunglasses or 3 ninjas in a team), or big changes (Rengar and Kha'zix or Syndar with blue and red monsters), we all like to have a little surprise.

Since the release of Kha'zix, however, I haven't seen many Rengars, and so have never fought one. I'd love to do the EE, just for the fun. It's not fair that only those 2 havesuch huge interactions, so I thought I named a few characters that deserved some as well.

  • Riven and Singed
  • Darius and Garen
  • Jayce and Victor
  • Soraka and Warwick
  • Nasus and Renekton
  • Sejuani and Ashe

These would be 1 vs 1 changes. But what about team changes. Well, I thought of some. These don't need so many differences in gameplay, rather a small laugh. Also, some are related not to the lore, but to the journal. Here they are:

  • Tristana and Teemo
  • Tristana and Rumble
  • Darius and Swain
  • Warwick and Singed
  • Malphite and Maokai
  • Ashe and Trindamere (with King and Queen skins maybe)

These are the ones I think would be fun to see. Please tell me what characters would also be great to interact. If same team type ST, if different type OT.

Oh, I forgot one:

  • Rammus and a cactus.

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