So we all know some champs have kits that work in such a way we feel tempted to buy only 1 or 2 items for that champ, stacking them. Like Ryze with an Archangel and 5 Rod of Ages. So I've wanted to know what are your best troll builds, by this, I am not talking about stupid builds (AP Zed) or completely random builds (ADC Sejuani). I'm asking builds that work well in a way, but are merely fun. Here are some I've tried:

The Ryze one, which his hilarious (was better in S2, since now there is BotRK and Liandry's).

Quinn with Stattik Shiv, Muramana, Spirit of the Elder Lizard and some other on hit effects (works well since her passive is so strong, your pokes are godlike).

The 2.5 AS Irelia.

The famous AD Malzahar (quite op IMO)

AP Miss Fortune (her ulti lategame is devastating, combined with E)

ADC thresh (really dont know why some people liked this)

Tanky AP Skarner.

These are some of the builds. They're really fun to use and make games funnier (for you at least). They also work really well, so you don't have to worry about feeding or losing (unless you or the others fed the enemy).

So whom do you troll build? What are your fav combos for your fav chars? Leave your comments below.