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How to climb the elo ladder

Tails365 March 20, 2013 User blog:Tails365

So I seem to have been placed in Bronze V (won 7 of the 10 qualifier games, so I dunno why) and started scaling to Bronze IV. I managed to advance, and then... i got stuck in bronze IV.

I went up and down. Up when the enemy team was as good as ours, but down when we had an AFK or troll.

And then I started happenind. Every game that my team dominated early game and owned mid game, we lost late game because someone thought: I'm so fed, I can 5 VS 1. Then they proceed to ace us and win.

So I ask: who can carry an entire team in a 5 vs 1 situation. Cuz honestly, I'm tired of Elo hell.

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