So you're in ranked and u just lost top to that Kha'zix. Sure, any could win the top, but since he scored a double kill, he started snowballing to victory. And why? Because you are a noob who can't play this game! Stop playing this game you son of a... STOP!!!

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself: maybe that top is just better than ours. Nah, he's just a noob and a noob he is.

So I summon the perfect example. In the world cup, Dyrus as Darius lost HEAVILY against Jayce, whose player i ont remember. So I ask: is Dyrus a noob? Does he not know how to play? We think that only pros can make mistakes, and the low elo people who make mistakes are noobs. That is just wrong. Sure there are times where a player simply sucks: such as times when Ryze loses against Fizz, but what if Fizz was just 10X better than ryze?

What I'm trying to say is, sometimes, it's all about skill, and laning phase, although important, is not game defining.

I recently was Vi top, and fed Kha' a LOT, ryze fed Fizz, and their Cait was OK. So the game seemed utterly lost, except in the mid game, we turned around cuz me and ryze started to slowly recover, and so, in the teamfights, we'd do the best plays we could. In the end, I could 1 vs 1 that Kha no prob.

Which brings me to the end game chat. I was honoring Heca for his amazing game (he was the one who turned this around) and suddenly Fizz starts flaming saying heca got fed cuz of noobs, and his team sucked. I told him Kha was more skilled than me early game, and he kept spamming L2P noob. It surprises me how some people think only players who are good at both stages and win are good, and only they are good when they lose.

So it brings me to my question: what makes a good player?