For those playing for a while and remembering the skin price formula Riot revealed earlier this year, in addition to many better quality skins, I bet you all asked yourselves this: why is the legacy skin so damn expensive?

I am not talking about the 520 skins. I am talking about the legendary skin, among other 975 skins that nowadays are worth 750 or 975 (at most). Some people stipulate its because of the fairness of the legacy skins: if i bought it at that price a few years back, why is it cheap now? But all legacy skins ,iirc, are price protected (Riot stated) so by lowering their price you get RP back for the purchase (the difference in value that you paid). And not all legendary skins are worth the money (Red Baron Corki looks epic, but no new particles or phrases). Even firefighter tristana, that shoots water, still fires the balls, and no new quotes, falling behind Rocketeer in every aspect.

"WTF? Rocketeer is a new recent skin and you are comparing it to a skin released over 3 years ago? Are you stupid?" Then why is the price not lowered yet, or why is rocketeer Tris not worth more? 

This goes to my last arguement: visual updates. Many champs in the league need it, and some need it on a skin or 2. IMO, all legendary skins should be revised and retweaked in case they don't follow the skin price formula. EVEN THE VAULT ONES. Seriously, if you tell me you have Sailor GP, i laugh and say I have Special Forces GP. Looks better, has particle updates (dat voice though).

Not all skins look bad. Angler Jax and feral WW are very good, molten Rammus had a texture update, and many others are cheap recolours like other skins, only limited (Like Swamp Master Kennen). And Annie in Wonderland and Magnificent Twisted Fate had recent VU to help with quality. But even then they aren't really worth the price (1350 i would say yes, adding a few new phrases). 

So to sum it up, Riot needs to revise ALL higher price legacy skins and see if they are worth th money. If they have a VU planned they can keep the price. They just look disappointing compared to other skins that a champ has. (Nida's skin is a good vu tbh, so is garen, and they are 520. TF and Annie's are 1820, and nothing changes (barely))

What is your opinion: should Riot keep the skins at the original price, or should they lower it to fit the new sistem?