Hello summoners. This is just another one of those low elo posts that apparently many can relate. Today I will be talking about a more late game variable, the picking up of lonely champs. And communicating.

So I was playing a game as top Quinn vs a trynda. To no surprise, I owned Trynda, and took his lane, ending it 2/1/0 (double dive, with his ulti, couldnt do anything).

So I we were around late game, and Trynda was able to get a LOT of kills. We had a WW jungler and a support Sona, as well as a Corky and Kha'zix. They had a Vayne, Thresh and Orianna. So Vayne and Trynda were fed, I was good, and had to go Randuin's since the Jungler, who said he was going tanky, bought BT and PD, and when i told him to sell that ang get tank items, he got only armor. His build was awful always, but I digress. So after repeatedly losing teamfights, since they would focus me since i was the only one Vayne could was annoyed by, cuz of blind, I saw all 3 carries, Trynda, Vayne and Ori alone on bot, and Shyvana on top. I told all to hide in the bush in the back of red buff (blue side). I pinged 4 times to the bush. Vayne eventually came. And here's the problem. My team wasn't. Corky went solo top push, which was useless. Sona and Warwick stayed on a distance for god knows what reason, and went in after Kha jumped after her flash, only to be surprised by the other 4 members. I died when Shyvana came, and pushed me to Thresh's ulti. What did I learn from that? If my team had listened, Vayne would be dead before the rest of the team had arrived, and WW and sona would stun trynda. The rest would be easy. 

But this kind of scenario is not weird. I've had a lot of situations where a surprise attack from a bush would easily turn the game around, and people seem to ignore you completely and do nothing. And about them not believing in you, if all game you did smart choices, then why shouldn't they? We ended up losing after that, and although I requested report on WW for noob build, or Corky for no communicaton, no such thing happened. 

So in your opinion, what should have been done? Was the champion choice bad? Was the team that fed their carries? Should I have just abandoned my team and push 24/7? And does this happen to you often? I know for sure it does to me.