I've started doing a few ranked games once i had both my rune pages completed. I must say I was surprised at what I've experienced: I always end up in the noob team.

Seriously, it doesn't matter if all 5 guys of their team are supports. They just beat us every time. I've tried playing AD carry, AP carry (main role), Jungler (secondary role), Solo Top and even Support. All end up the same. We lose big time. At first i thought it was my fault. That i was unskilled. But I concluded that that was wrong. Sure i lose lanes sometimes, and do nothing at the end sometimes, but that only happened in 2 games. The rest of them I own early game. I main role of AP carry. I usually go as 4/0/1 in the laning phase. But for me, the laning phase is 9 minutes. Every game I have like this usually ends like 4/13/8 or something. Why? Cuz my team usually loses all other lanes and mid is left. I ain't joking,

The last game I made, I was a mid Fizz, against a Kassadin. I went 4/1/0 when it ended. The bot was holding well. And suddently there were double kills all the time by the enemy. The top garen vs a top AD Teemo (ik. ridiculous) ended up LOSING, and Lee Sin helped feeding. In the end, no one did anything. Their team just sat there, poking, and my team just went back and forth. I kept telling the tank to initiate, but he never did. And my team was so Smart, that they focused on killing the support and the jungler first, while their AD and AP carries left unscratched. And I was always so focused when I wanted to do SOME damage, I ended up doing NO DAMAGE at all.

Can anyone pls help me on this one?

Teams were:

My Team:

Top: Garen

Jungler: Lee Sin

Mid: Fizz

ADC: Vaine

Support: Nunu

Their team:

Top: Teemo (AD)

Jungler: Riven

Mid: Kassadin

ADC: Kog'Maw

Support: Taric