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Still raging about roles

Tails365 February 19, 2013 User blog:Tails365

It's surprising that after 3 years, the players still think that if they wanna play a role, they will. Seriously, why won't people understand that there are times in life when you can't do what you want, and that happens in LoL. I'm talking about serious gameplay, not friendly 5 vs 5. Anyways, with the amount of champion variety, I'm surprised people still rage when they can't be a role. 

I was in a match in draft, and 2 people asked mid. Since one asked first, but the other picked first, the first picker took mid. The other guy, who couldn't care less, also chose a mid.

In another situation, one picks mid, and one picks top. A third guy, who said nthing, took top. The one who asked top accepted this, and so took mid. The guy who asked mid just raged, and said he was taking mid, and he did. In the end, we were stuck in a 45 min game that was unbalanced as hell. We lost badly.

Can't people get a few favourite champs in each role, so that they don't ruin the game for others? I mean, if you wanna mid, you'll get the chance. If not in this game, the next one. 

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