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    Thallin is an AD carry


    As a young boy, Thallin was fascinated with hextech technologies. Fortunately, living in Piltover, he could easily sate his desire for research and invention. When he was barely in his teens, he created a large machine that could turn the air around it into pure energy. The possible uses for such a machine were endless! His seniors and professors, however, thought otherwise. They told him that not only was the machine to large to be used, but its immense power and instability would make it far too dangerous if the wrong people ever accuired it. Determined to prove them wrong, Thallin began experiments to reduce the size, and increase the stability of his invention. In some ways he succeeded, he had managed to mak…

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  • Tailzdafox

    Seth, The Soul Harvester

    November 17, 2012 by Tailzdafox

    Seth is a champion I thought up a while back

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  • Tailzdafox

    Kai, The Knife Runner

    November 4, 2012 by Tailzdafox

    Kai is an AD Carry who I thought would be pretty cool to have thanks to his mobility

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  • Tailzdafox

    Ark, The Rune Constructor

    Ark uses Runic Energy as a resource. Runic Energy can never exceed 100.


    Passive: Reconstruction
    If Ark stands still for 5 seconds, he begins to regenerate his health and Runic Energy. Taking damage or doing anything will cancel this effect. This is the only way to regenerate Runic Energy.
    Q: Golem Strikes
    First Cast:
    Ark begins charging this ability, becoming unable to move and draining 10 Runic Energy per second.
    Second Cast:
    Ark Stops Charging. His next two basic attacks will deal bonus damage based on how much Runic Energy he spent charging the ability. The second attack will stun enemies for a short time. These attacks are not lost until used.
    W: Rune Barrier

    First Cast:

    Ark begins charging this ability, 'becom…

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