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    This post relates mainly to those who believe that if someone doesn't do as well in lane as you do, it makes them bad players.

    I played Katarina mid against fizz and the VERY first thing i say in chat is Fizz counters me in every way... Our jungle Tristana (completely serious) obvious has no clue what she is doing and ganks no lanes the entire game but that isn't the point, the point is i went 1/5 in laning phase.

    I got SO much abuse that i gave up trying until i noticed the golden opportunity.

    It gets to far into late game and i see their red is up so i tell my team that their mega-fed varus will go there and take it, i got one team member, ezreal, to come with me after some more abuse and sure enough 6 seconds later, there is varus. We kill…

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  • Tainted Brownjuice

    ADC concept

    April 20, 2013 by Tainted Brownjuice

    This champion is designed to be a high risk, high reward ranged ADC champion that hasn't been done in league yet. This is down to a "chance" to deal bonus damage due to the passive. The percentages are all a bonus of the FULL attack damage.

    Passive: This champion has a 1 in 5 chance to do a bonus 15% attack damage on hit and a 1 in 10 chance to do a bonus 35% attack damage on hit.

    The issues with this come down to significant damage bonuses due to the fact that three attacks in a row could still ALL get the 10% chance to do 35% bonus damage. This i think will make this champion who they are though, the low chance means a probable high attack speed build that will maximise the passives effect.

    Q: This champion focuses, dropping their attack sp…

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  • Tainted Brownjuice

    Given LoL login is down i have to ask here... Firstly, i play LoL on the NA servers but i live in the UK. This is so i can actually use team play as playing EU gives me people that speak french and they cannot understand me either. My question is, because only 250 people are in my tier and they will probably play on NA when i am asleep in the UK, will i be able to actually find players for a ranked match? Secondly, if you lose a best of 5 playoff match, how many ranks does it kick you back down or do you get another chance? If you can answer any of these i will be very grateful :)

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  • Tainted Brownjuice

    I ask this because i have realised i have mained pretty much every champion in the league at some point or another. 

    Certain champions i go back to and have skins for, I cannot play at all any more. At low summoner level i used to main lee sin as a support bot... i bought a skin, and now i know lee sin bot cannot work and i'm stuck with the champ  I suck as both top and jungle xD On the other hand, i bought secret agent miss fortune quite a while ago and mained miss fortune, i then went through a phase of playing on ap's and went back to her and sucked a** but i main her again now because of her lane zoning and DAT ULT LAUGH!!

    Who have you mained and could you go back to them again?

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  • Tainted Brownjuice

    Personally, i feel that Annies original concept and art was so amazing, if Riot change her it just will NOT look as good as it does now!

    Are there any champs you hope they don't touch?

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