This post relates mainly to those who believe that if someone doesn't do as well in lane as you do, it makes them bad players.

I played Katarina mid against fizz and the VERY first thing i say in chat is Fizz counters me in every way... Our jungle Tristana (completely serious) obvious has no clue what she is doing and ganks no lanes the entire game but that isn't the point, the point is i went 1/5 in laning phase.

I got SO much abuse that i gave up trying until i noticed the golden opportunity.

It gets to far into late game and i see their red is up so i tell my team that their mega-fed varus will go there and take it, i got one team member, ezreal, to come with me after some more abuse and sure enough 6 seconds later, there is varus. We kill him, we ace the team and FINALLY win.

I did awful in lane and my final game score was 4/10 which is still bad but i was the ONLY member of my whole team that knew how to play using the map and the jungle. Surely that makes me the better player. Sure we get a darius that thinks he is good with a positive score of 7/6 but that didn't win us the game, my tactics did.

Get off your high horses and trust the smarts that even the "dumb feeders" can use to win your game for you and before you say "yeah but you still fed so you suck" can i just say, try playing katarina versus fizz. You can't even hide under turret from the annoying little devil spawn!