• Taxidriver256

    Skin to win

    March 15, 2014 by Taxidriver256

    As much as Riot tried to say "skins won't bring any advantages", the fact is there are skins that have an edge over their original one (and other skins). Most of what I list here bring rather small advantages, yet, they are easy to notice and any advantage, even the smallest can help. Some guy on youtube already made a video about this, but his video is largely inaccurate, and many skins that he listed even bring small disadvantages for the users.

    For example, when your champion model looks just a bit smaller, the hitbox is the same, so the enemy will aim more carefully, and have a higher chance hitting you (because even if they miss your model by a bit, they in fact will still hit you due to the same hitbox). However, when your champion mo…

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