Now if I were to be placed into a division, it would definitely been wood league 5, but that's being generous. But as season 4 came along I started getting more annoyed at the choices that were made in botlane, as I love to main adc and support. But I would like some help in figuring out how to deal with them in a support or adc way. Keep in mind these are my experiences with them and I might be speaking wrong in every way.

VolibearSquare Table flipper bot lane- Usually does nothing until level 6 then he engages, kills you then goes back to get a giants belt, the only way I've been able to slow down the flipping is KayleSquare Kayle Q. But it always ends in the adc and voli getting fed and bot lane gone.

MaokaiSquare Stupid Tree- Usually waits until you overextend then stuns you and basically spams his attacks like EvelynnSquare creepy lady and builds tanky as well. But most of the time I've won lanes with this guy as the enemy support but it can still be annoying.

LeonaSquare Full AP Sunlight- This is the one I have the MOST trouble with and rage at the most, usually shes just the bush waiter until E, Q, usually a JinxSquare Grenade from the adc and basically you die every time, and usually this Leona towerdives EVERY TIME the adc/support is left alone. And the worst of it is that they do build ap and I do nothing after that. This is the one I need full help on.

AnnieSquare AnyFiddlesticksSquare kindNunuSquare ofMalphiteSquare cc- I usually don't see these guys anymore, but its still mostly around. Now I've tried these before but I can't do it myself, any tips of how to do it and how to counter?

Falling behind- Though I would love to play an ap support (like nidalee or kayle) I feel like then I lack money despite the money buffs riot has given us, have have to use about 16 points in utility to just get extra money. While support ap sona has a lich bane, poor support me only has a talisman and a ionian boots with a sight stone, any help with this?

As a final stance I think personally without making numbers involved because I'm stupid that season 4 dun goofed somewhere. I never see Thresh, Janna, Taric or Soraka as a support and instead actual top or mid lane champions in bot lane. I understand this has happened in the beginning but in my experiences of this whole year has changed completely sense season 4 came. Sorry if you got a heart attack from the stupidness, I'm just a very inexperienced league player and would enjoy the help.