• TeaIsExplosive

    Going ham in Silver

    October 29, 2013 by TeaIsExplosive

    Hello summoners!

    I am a Silver II scrub and trying to jungle my way to gold. I retired from ADC because I felt like my tanks never did their job. Always backing off and running away from any fights, letting go of objectives and thus losing every time.

    Thus I wanted to try it myself, because I know what I want to happen. I like and because they have good early damage and ganks, fun CC and a dunking ultimate that messes up any carry I jump on. Early game, ganking I can handle, but whenever more than 4 people are involved I have a problem.
    If an enemy carry gets near I jump him and do a lot of damage, zone him and others, killl him, whatever. If my team then follows up with damage the teamfight is won and all can rejoice. This is how teamfight…

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  • TeaIsExplosive

    Hello fellow summoners!

    I want to invite you to take up arms against the greatest evil ever to roam on our beloved Summoners Rift.

    I am talking, of course, about Blue Ezreal.

    Ezreal is an extremely versatile champion, but ever since Iceborne Gauntlet appeared in game, he went from fun champion with an easy dash, to the kiting monster we know today.

    With a long range AoE slow on a two second cooldown, a blink on a  second cooldown, and a global farming tool on a cooldown as short as 28 seconds; his kit destroys melee champions and ruins everybody's day.

    Of course, this wouldn't be as bad if you only had to deal with a blue Ezreal a couple of times a week. Unfortunately Ezreal is the best right now, considering popularity as he sits atop of his t…

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    February 8, 2013 by TeaIsExplosive

    In PvP or CoOp I have been playing ADC a lot lately, which I find strange, since I thought it was a popular role. ADC and Support are always the roles left behind, so if I don't instaspam "mid" "solo top pls" "jamngle" I pretty much have to play on of these roles.

    Now, I don't mind playing ADC, but as I don't have a lot of champions (yet) I had to pick Caitlyn pretty much every time. I dislike playing Free-To-Play champions in PvP as I am not skilled in them and that would affect my game and results in flaming because I maxed E first instead of W, what a noob I am.

    I'd like to play something else from time to time, and an ADC has a pretty standard build, so there's no varying in picking items. But somehow before I even had the time to think …

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