Hello fellow summoners!

I want to invite you to take up arms against the greatest evil ever to roam on our beloved Summoners Rift.

I am talking, of course, about Blue Ezreal.

Ezreal is an extremely versatile champion, but ever since Iceborne Gauntlet appeared in game, he went from fun champion with an easy dash, to the kiting monster we know today.

With a long range AoE slow on a two second cooldown, a blink on a  second cooldown, and a global farming tool on a cooldown as short as 28 seconds; his kit destroys melee champions and ruins everybody's day.

Of course, this wouldn't be as bad if you only had to deal with a blue Ezreal a couple of times a week. Unfortunately Ezreal is the best right now, considering popularity as he sits atop of his throne with 38%. I know there aren't much ADCs out there, but I would like to face a different opponent from time to time, and I am sure some of you would too.

Now, as 38% is a lot; I am certain there are some big fans of this demon in the audience. I beg of you, please join the fray! Perhaps you uncover another ADC you like to play; and as long as you do not play him, the 9 other players in the match won't be reminded of his existence.

And so I call upon you, fellow citizens of this wiki! Take up arms and grab your bans and ban Ezreal every time you can! Bring some variety to the rift and change the meta, the world, the universe, the future!

To the battlefield!


Caitlyn is the second highest on the list, but I find her nowhere as annoying as bunny rabbit Ezreal.

But if you want to see her gone as well, Caitlyn is a counter to Ezreal (apparently) so this petition will help on that endeavor as well! And if you really despise her as well, go ahead and ban her too! Cause the revolution bot lane needs!

Appendix 2:

I'd like to state clearly that I don't have much knowledge of blue Ezreal or even Ezreal in general, as I only have played against him. That said, I have played against him a lot and can say I find blue Ezreal less scary than "regular ADC" Ezreal. I would usually focus the ADC but blue Ezreal is more of a supporting and kiting than a damage guy.

But this blog isn't about his viability or on how to counter him. This blog is an attempt to get players to play less Ezreal, because he is so popular and he is annoying (long ranged Iceborn Gauntlet is annoying) . I like to face some other ADCs in bot lane and not hear pew pew pew every match.