Hello summoners!

I am a Silver II scrub and trying to jungle my way to gold. I retired from ADC because I felt like my tanks never did their job. Always backing off and running away from any fights, letting go of objectives and thus losing every time.

Thus I wanted to try it myself, because I know what I want to happen. I like ViSquare Vi and Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV because they have good early damage and ganks, fun CC and a dunking ultimate that messes up any carry I jump on. Early game, ganking I can handle, but whenever more than 4 people are involved I have a problem.
If an enemy carry gets near I jump him and do a lot of damage, zone him and others, killl him, whatever. If my team then follows up with damage the teamfight is won and all can rejoice. This is how teamfights work.

Sadly, everyone in Silver is scared and is running around in the backline deciding if they should run or if they should fight while I get slaughtered. Then, they die because they were running around and the people who were killing me are done and looking for more blood. Then I get blamed because I went in 5v1 and baited them to die. And this is true in a way, but also pisses me off more and more. See, when I go in and beat up a carry I expect my team to follow up and just go ham and fight. That's what spells are for!
"But jungler! If we fight and lose, we will lose objectives!" Yes this is true, but if we don't fight, or if I die 1v5 we will lose objectives too. So please, just use your Infinity Edges and Rabadons and fight.

End of rant. TL;DR I am a jungler with a dunk and I like to go ham but my team doesn't.

Now here's a question for you guys. How can I convince my team to man up and fight, what should I do in stead of going ham.
Here are some answers that aren't valid:

"Peel for your carries."
If there is no fight, how can I peel? Also I like to dive, as do my ults.
"Pick people off."
From what I experience, if you don't group after minute 20 in Silver you get reported. Enemy team is constantly grouped and I am running with my team too, otherwise they die.
"Go splitpush."
Most junglers are made for teamfights, can't splitpush well and dragon/baron is on the other side of the map. Also see previous answer.

Thanks for listening!

PS: Another question, how can I get those cool links with pictures to champions and stuff? i r nub blog