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In PvP or CoOp I have been playing ADC a lot lately, which I find strange, since I thought it was a popular role. ADC and Support are always the roles left behind, so if I don't instaspam "mid" "solo top pls" "jamngle" I pretty much have to play on of these roles.

Now, I don't mind playing ADC, but as I don't have a lot of champions (yet) I had to pick Caitlyn pretty much every time. I dislike playing Free-To-Play champions in PvP as I am not skilled in them and that would affect my game and results in flaming because I maxed E first instead of W, what a noob I am.

I'd like to play something else from time to time, and an ADC has a pretty standard build, so there's no varying in picking items. But somehow before I even had the time to think about what I'd like to play, two people claimed mid or top, a Shaco instalocked and I am left in bot lane again.

I'd like your opinion on this: how do you guys react on instalockers or people spamming mid mid mid mid mid mid the second they enter champ select? I understand that if you call out mid first you should be getting mid, but I find it a bit selfish if you do that and that's why I wait a few seconds before suggesting a lane for me.

I came up with an idea to solve this predicament, but I think I am not the first one to come up with this.

What if you could queue up chosing a lane or jungle? There should also be an option: I don't care and perhaps even a grid with lanes you would and wouldn't like to play. For example you could check the box mid and top and queue up, matchmaking would place you in a team with people to complete your team.

What do you guys think?

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