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  • Technology Wizard

    Hello everyone. Recently, the community decided on changing the chat moderator star to the gold summoner rank icon. However, it is a bit blurry in chat, and I propose changing it. Please leave a comment on what you think the icon should be. I will be placing the first 5 icons on this blog and users will be able to vote on which one they think would be the best one.

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  • Technology Wizard

    Custom Item: Consumable Potion

    Purification Elixir } | label1 = Tier | data1 = } | label2 = Effects | data2 = } | label3 = Aura | data3 = } | label4 = Passive | data4 = } | label5 = Active | data5 = } | label6 = Stacks | data6 = } | label7 = Menu | data7 = } | label8 = Item cost | data8 = } | label9 = Sell value | data9 = } }}

    The Purification Elixir is not a consumable potion in League of Legends.

    Purification Elixir gives the consumer and his or her teammates sight of stealthed units within a certain range of the champion with Purification Elixir including champions, wards, and other items. Purification Elixir will still not allow you to see within b…

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  • Technology Wizard

    Custom Champion: Gryphon (Lion-Eagle)

    Shadow - The Mysterious Gryphon

    There is an infamous legend in the world of Runeterra. A mysterious creature worshiped by the citizens of the Shurima Desert, but feared by all who dare to enter Mogron Pass. The legend is said to be a cross between a powerful lion and an eagle with incredible agility. The legendary creature is known as Shadow, The Mysterious Gryphon.

    Shadow is said to have originated from Mount Targon. There has been mutiple sightings of Shadow soaring over the Shurima Desert into the Kumungu Jungle. Rumor has it that Shadow has entrusted with the vast collection of knowledge that it gathers from the Kumungu Jungle. has spoken of obstacles in the Field of Justice and pleaded for assistanc…

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  • Technology Wizard

    Hello editors! I am presenting a another project to the community. This project will help with updating and cleaning up the things we have yet to do around the wiki.

    This project is needed so we can cleanup some things that we have lacked to put effort into here in the wiki.

    • You can help simply by creating articles found in up the search digest.
    • You can edit articles and improve content. The best place to look for articles in need of improving or cleanup is the article stubs category and the articles marked for cleanup category.
    • You can update articles that need their patch history to be updated.
    • Keep pages like this, this, and this empty.
    • Sort out the images found here into subcategories.

    For editors involved in this project, I place an attracti…

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  • Technology Wizard

    Hello editors! I am creating this blog for a few reasons. First off, I want to say that the amount of vandalism has increased over the past few months by far. Vandals show up in many different forms so we need as much anti-vandals as possible. I wanted this blog to be a motivational push for users to pursue promotions here in the LoL Wiki. The wiki needs more promotions in order for us to fight vandalism so here is a description of rights you can pursue and ways to help while using the rights.

    If you are a normal editor, you can help fight vandalism 4 different ways. You can:

    • Undo/Revert vandalism.
    • Let an Administrator know about vandalism.
    • Report vandalism.
    • Contact users with rights and tell them about vandalism.

    Note - If you feel that you have…

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