Technology Wizard Vandalism Chart

Vandalism rate over a few months.

Hello editors! I am creating this blog for a few reasons. First off, I want to say that the amount of vandalism has increased over the past few months by far. Vandals show up in many different forms so we need as much anti-vandals as possible. I wanted this blog to be a motivational push for users to pursue promotions here in the LoL Wiki. The wiki needs more promotions in order for us to fight vandalism so here is a description of rights you can pursue and ways to help while using the rights.

If you are a normal editor, you can help fight vandalism 4 different ways. You can:

Note - If you feel that you have done everything possible without rights in order to fight vandalism and you need extra tools, you may pursue user rights. Below you will find a list of user right access levels and what each right provides to you.

Technology Wizard Users With Rights Chart

User rights promotions in the near future.

Each user right has different opportunities and responsibilities. Bureaucrats manage all user rights and are the top level of users with rights. Administrators, also known as Sysops, manage MediaWiki pages, protect pages, block vandals, delete comments, delete articles, move articles, and restore deleted articles if needed. Moderators are basically Administrators, however, they can't access MediaWiki pages, protect pages, or restore deleted pages. Content Directors are editors of the wiki who manage a certain area of the wiki. They not only have rollback and chat moderator status, they also have the last word in a discussion regarding their content. Rollback Editors come with the basic rollback tool which allows you to revert all edits by a single contributor to the last revision of the previous contributor. Chat Moderators are users who have a star in chat. They have the option to kick/ban and unkick/ban users from chat. These are all great user rights that can be pursued by anyone on the wiki.

Here on the LoL Wiki, we have a great variety of different user rights access levels. We have a total of 6 different user rights and they all are listed as follows:

User Rights Levels
Content Director
Chat Moderator Icon Chat Moderator Chat Moderator Icon

All of these user rights are available to anyone who is trusted and dedicated in the LoL Wiki. You may request rights at the official request for permissions page. If you have any questions for any of our fine and experienced users with rights, you may ask them. For a complete list of our users with rights, visit the users with rights. Remember that if a nomination does not pass the first time, go ahead and re-apply in the future along with more edits and more signs of your effort towards anti-vandalism.