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Update: Champion Checklist Debate

Hey Wiki-wordmark editors! I was recently updating my champion checklist when I thought of an idea for it. I noticed that I was undecided about if I wanted a champion. So my idea for the template for the champion checklist is this: There are three things so far (Circle, Done, and Not done), I was thinking about making one where it is just a yellow straight line which means that this person is undecided about the idea of getting that champion or not. so the icon would be something such as (--). I want to take a vote from you guys to hear your opinion about the idea. It is a simple "yes", "no", or "neutral" answer. The template is not hard to modify at all, although we would like to hear what the community thinks about the modification. I would highly appreciate your opinion! After 5 supportive votes, I will then notify Ajraddatz about the decision you have made. Thank you so much!




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