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Update: Custom Item

Custom Item: Consumable Potion

Purification Elixir

Purification Elixer
Technology Wizard Purification Elixir
Tier Consumable
Effects Stealth detection to champion until death.
Passive UNIQUE: Blocks one debuff every 3 minutes until death.
Menu Consumable
Item cost 700
Sell value 340

The Purification Elixir is not a consumable potion in League of Legends.

Purification Elixir gives the consumer and his or her teammates sight of stealthed units within a certain range of the champion with Purification Elixir including champions, wards, and other items. Purification Elixir will still not allow you to see within brush unless you enter the brush. It's passive effect will also remove one debuff (if any) every three minutes. If three minutes pass, and the consumer does not have any debuffs, then nothing will happen. When a champion consumes Purification Elixir, they are given a buff and a particle of an aqua-colored eye appears above the champion's head.

Typically Purification Elixirs are used for late game vision of stealthed champions and enemy wards. This item will be in effect until the consumer's death.

Similiar Items

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