Hello editors of the Wiki-wordmark! I am starting my second mini project and I am going to need help! First of all, this is regarding my earlier post about the removed items (later called "Alpha Items") . I am going to need help in tracking down some of the pictures of these items. I would greatly appreciate your help. The list of items is below:

Ancient Pocket Watch: +5% movement speed. UNIQUE Active: Teleports your champion to a target location. 120 seconds cooldown.

Bag of Tea: Click to consume, consuming it will restore 400 health and 200 mana over 10 seconds. It can only be used after scoring a killing blow on a champion.

Gouging Blade: +25% attack speed +25 hp per 5 sec UNIQUE Passive: Chance on hit, to apply a minor damage over time effect that deals 10 damage per second for 10 seconds, during which time the target cannot regenerate their health.

Mana Battery: +300hp +25 Ability Power UNIQUE passive: 20% chance on attack for your next spellcast to gain +100 ability power.

Mournblade: +15% Lifesteal Passive: restores 50 health after killing a unit.

Oponn's Razor: +15% lifesteal +40% attack speed UNIQUE passive: 30% chance on hit to proc a debuff that increases the damage received by enemy champion attacks by 8 magic damage by 8 seconds. This effect stacks to a maximum of 6.

Oracle's Hood: +25% critical chance +500 mana UNIQUE Passive: Your magic damage has a chance(based on critical chance) to deal 25% extra True Damage.

Parasitic Recurve Bow: +10% lifesteal +40% attack speed Passive: 5% mana leech.

Pendant of Zephiris: UNIQUE aura: +25 armor/30 magic resistance to nearby allies.

Rejuvenation Potion: Click to consume: restores 175 health and 150 mana over 15 seconds. Renewal Shell: +24 armor +10 health regen per 5 sec UNIQUE passive: upon being hit, restores 20 health over 5 seconds, does not stack.

Savant's Stone: +25 health regen per 5 sec +12 mana regen per 5 sec PRIME Passive: Subjugate magic- Decreases damage received by area of effect abilities by 20%.

Scroll of Teleportation: Teleport to target allied structure. Max: 3 stacks. 2 Minute cooldown.

The Rose's Pride: +52 Ability Power +64 Armor UNIQUE Active: Shields your champion, absorbing 200 damage + 150% of your Ability Power; expires after 4 seconds. 45 second cooldown.

Wizard's Regalia: +25 Ability Power +54 armor UNIQUE Passive: +25 ability power + 60 armor UNIQUE passive: On being hit by a spell or attack, reduce spell cooldowns by 0.4 sec and restore 20 mana. (does not occur more than once a second)

We are going to need to find most of these items and post them under the comment section or on UberTri125's talk page. Please support this project in anyway possible. Thanks for your cooperation!