Hello Wiki-wordmark editors! I have a new idea to improve the wiki! Well first off let me say that I have brought the pop-up system to the wiki. For more information, please feel free to visit Sam 3010's talk page. I have created this blog to see what the community thinks about a new addition/modification. I was thinking about modifying the current {{stub}} and {{WIP}} templates that we have. My idea is to simply add the icons of champions on each side of the templates, rather than no icons at all. I think that this could really help for organization purposes to make it easier for editors to recognize pages. There are currently seven champions that I have in mind for the icons of the templates, which are:

I was thinking that for the {{stub}} template, we could use Heimerdinger for the icon. For the {{WIP}} template, I was thinking about using Corki for the icon. I noticed that pages are removed/deleted, so similar to UberTri125's "Bclosed" template, we could use Amumu for deleted pages. For pages that are under construction, we could use Blitzcrank. For pages that are rumors or have content that is yet to be released, we could use Nocturne. Pages that involve the community for discussion could use Teemo for the icon. Lastly, for pages that are candidates of deletion, the icon could be Rumble.

The best example that I can currently provide a visual for is this:

HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger{{stub}}HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger

The {{stub}} template would have two images of Heimerdinger on each side of it (rather than above and below as shown). The template would also not include the champion names and would replace the Wiki-wordmark logo within the template. I want to hear what the community thinks about these brilliant ideas for the wiki. Thanks for your time and patience!