Greeting to everyone apart of the Wiki-wordmark community! I have decided to create a blog that includes the current issues with user rights. Well first of all, I have noticed on here that users are being promoted to new rights without any proper discussion. For some reason, the Chat Moderator right is just being handed out to anybody that joins the chat daily. This is completely unnecessary. Chat Moderator should only be given to users that have the need to regulate the chat and kick/ban users when needed. We have more than 10 users on chat with a star next to their name and there is no point at all for the right since it is being handed out like candy. Also, it has been brought to my attention that not only are users being granted Chat Moderator rights, but also the Rollback right as well. They are being handed out to users that are Chat Moderators for no reason. The edit summaries are completely unprofessional and unacceptable. The 2 users didn't even know that they had the Rollback rights. Lastly, Content Directors have been promoted to Moderator with no discussion besides in chat. The 2 Content Directors, like the 2 users that didn't know about their new Rollback right, didn't even know that they had the Moderator rights. I am getting tired of watching all of these issues take place in the wiki. User rights are something to be earned, not given to everybody for absolutely no reason. I want to hear what the community thinks about this in the comments.